The Schmutz Company

Welcome to our website – we assume you’re here because someone  told you how awesome we are – good job for listening to them and welcome to the land of Schmutz.

The Schmutz Company: Art ChampsSo what are we? Why are we here? What do we do?

We are a group of artists and goofy folks that make puppets,  animation, and other such fun. We’re here because we don’t fit anywhere else. What we do is create. We make stuff and we teach others how to make things too.

What is Schmutz exactly?

Well schmutz is a Yiddish word for dirt, or mud or some such stuff, if you just ate a cream doughnut you might have some schmutz on your shirt where the cream fell out. If you just cleaned a chimney you might have soot on you which qualifies as schmutz too. Since most kids don’t go around cleaning chimneys these days here is another example – have your parents ever cleaned up the house only to have you come along and take a bunch of toys out? If so then you know what it is to schmutz the place up.

We choose the name for two reasons. The first was because it’s fun to say, (like a lot of Yiddish words). The second is because a Jewish comic once raised schmutz to the exalted status of “dirt that moves.” Nobody seems to know who the comic was but we thank him.

Dave English (above on the left) & Don Orkoskey (above on the right) started working together in 2007 creating animation, puppet shows, live performances, and other art projects that have brought us some notice.

You can check the blog to find out all about the cool stuff we’re working on and even some archival stuff.

Right now we’re really excited to be working on the family friendly Papermation Project thanks to funding via Spark from the Sprout Fund.

We’ve worked with folks of all ages from very young kids to very old kids and everywhere in between.

Children and the elderly are by far the most amazing people to be around – if you don’t know any children or old people they’re not too hard to find but they don’t tend to be very tall so you may have to look a little harder than you would for say … basketball players.

If you want to hire us to work with you or people you’re in charge of please contact us here.